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We are recommendation and feedback service powered by Blockchain, bringing crypto technologies seamlessly into everyday services.

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By using Blockchain's transparency and tamper-proof features we manage to improve recommendations and feedback, ensuring reliable and unbiased information for all users.

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It's quite problematic to find hidden, unpopular or "underground" places that can be interesting, but not commercialy valuable or too little to compete with whole market

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daGama offers a unique product where users genuinely explore and share meaningful reviews, free from cheating or manipulation, thanks to strong community support.
Genuine Exploration
and Sharing of Meaningful Reviews
With our platform, you have the advantage of using cryptocurrency for direct service payments, promoting secure and transparent transactions.
Our focus on blockchain, NFT-identity, and simplified cryptocurrency usage ensures user security and ease of interaction.
Connecting businesses with potential loyal customers of all sizes, daGama creates a seamless and newbie-friendly experience.
We combine the best of both Web3 and Web2, striving to improve the product for everyone's benefit.
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Having daGama at your disposal, you can use its advanced tools to build a loyal community and get a clear competitive advantage.
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Check the highlights of key developmental stages with corresponding dates, and stay tuned for exciting updates and features!